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Found 1 result

  1. Bei Zellreparatur wird beschrieben, daß Essenz wieder erlangt werden kann. Es steht aber nichts zu dem verlohrenen Magieattribut und dem Magiemaximum. Wie handhabt ihr es? Könnte ich mit Zellreparatur auch mein verlohrenen Magiepunkt. (Es ist ja ein Attribut) auch wieder erhöhen? Cellular Repair: This specialized regenerative treatment repairs permanent cellular damage caused by neurotoxins, radiation, magic, and other extreme sources. Each treatment can restore one point of any attribute lost due to disease or severe physical trauma, one point of Essence lost to Energy Drain (p. 195, Street Grimoire) or Essence Drain (p. 396, SR5) powers, or reduce the Blighted quality (p. 169, Run & Gun) by one level. If individuals want to heal multiple points of damage, they have to take the treatment multiple times. It will not fix hereditary problems or disabilities integral to the subject’s own genetic expression. Dagegen ist es in der Revitalisierung explizit ausgeschlossen. Revitalization: Revitalization is a breakthrough that repairs Essence loss derived from invasive implantation. Universal Omnitech has been successful in keeping the mechanism a secret, leaving geneticists to speculate that the effect is achieved by performing some kind of “genetic feng shui.” Scientists work with a magician to realign the patient’s aura by genetically remodeling DNA to repair damage to the aura and balance to the body’s systems, restoring Essence. Revitalization regenerates Essence at a rate of 0.1 Essence per treatment. The treatment can restore Essence lost to implants that have been removed and to addiction. The technique cannot restore Essence for implants or treatments that remain in place, and it cannot repair Essence from gene therapies. Magic or Resonance points lost are never returned, and reductions to the maximum Magic/Resonance attribute remain in effect. The treatment takes one month, but patients need only spend seven days in a clinic and then wait the rest of the month for it to kick in.
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